Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recent thoughts and wanderings...

Life is busy, as usual. Work, fellowship, it goes, on and on.

I had a thought a few moments ago, it made me laugh, then ponder.

"They say you shouldn't swim after you eat."

"They're saying to stay inside till the storm blows over."

"They say that causes cancer"

We use these types of phrases every day. I'm sure half of the time "they" is something we've read or heard from someone who heard it from someone. "They" seems to have a lot of credibility. After all, would YOU argue if "they" said something? It's almost as if we feel more credible ourselves if there is an unascribable person, with seemingly hours of research backing us up. How often do we say this? Is it a bad habit of passing on information as fact when we may not have
the whole story? I am guilty of doing this, are you?

Just a thought...

On another note, I moved again. This time, for the whole school year! I love my new room. Since I'm going to be an RA, I get my own :) It's still in progress, but here are some pics I snapped on my phone last night.

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